Henry’s Original: 100% Heirloom Flower

Henry’s Original: 100% Heirloom Flower

The Healing Touch is proud to introduce, Henry’s Original products! Henry’s is specially cultivated with a clean green process. Their cannabis is derived from all natural family-run farms. Henry’s produces organically grown cannabis using all organic soil. Their cannabis is packaged into glass containers, which are not only super convenient but durable, reusable and safe! They have premium cannabis smokes individually packaged in capsule-like form, made with clean, green certified cannabis. The Hybrid strain includes 4 half gram smokes, with 17.7% THC, Sativa smokes are packed with 17.2% THC. Their Indica ‘Skywalker OG’ and other strains is lab tested for quality with 100% heirloom flower, rounding to 17.9% THC. Henry’s also includes flower-form premium cigar joints with CBD 2:1. Other strains are available in pre-packaged form, ranging with variety of flavors, strains, and indicators. The crew from Henrys are so genuine and passionate about their products! Their inspiring story tells a tale of freedom and is truly reflected onto their delivery and persona! Check out our menu for exclusive Henry’s products!  https://henrysoriginal.com

By: CannaGirl

PS: Henry’s has unique packaging & goods that make for awesome gifts!

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