"Cannabis products may only be consumed or possessed by persons 21 years of age or older, unless the person is qualified patient."


Licensed Cannabis products, companies and distributions are welcomed!


The laws of 2018 have allowed us to open up our doors to the public to enjoy Adult Use Cannabis.


Individuals with a valid medical marijuana recommendations may enter the facility.



For your safety and ours, if you are caught selling, consuming, or trading goods, You are subject to being banned.


Get points for every purchase at THT. Points convert into store credit.


Both Medical & Recreational may enter the facility 2 times a day.

Taxes At The Healing Touch


Q: What can i expect on my first visit?

The Healing Touch operates as both a medical and adult recreational facility. 

As you are welcomed to THT, prepare to show a valid government issued form of identification.

Out of state ID’s and/or passports will be accepted as long as it holds validity, over the age of 21+.

Medical Patients: Prepare to have your original physician-issued medical marijuana recommendation. Once you are registered with us, a card/copy will suffice for future visits.

*It is important to note that you must present a valid California issued ID card or driver’s license along with your California recommendation. You may not present secondary source of ID with a California recommendation.

Q: Does it make sense to renew your medical recommendation?

Let’s put it this way, people love options and variety. With a valid rec; you are open to a few advantages. 

  •  5% lower in Local state taxes (Recreational customers are responsible for this amount which is 10%)
  • With minimum order, patients are eligible for additional specials and “giveaways” which THT has to offer. These are reflected on your invoice as $0.01 giveaway.

Whether you come in as medical or recreational, We Show Mad Love.
Q: How does procedure differentiate between medical and recreational individuals?

-Both parties differ in mandatory state taxes, the legal amounts that one may posses/purchase and specials.

-Recreational customers are able to attain an OZ. (28.5g) in cannabis flower or 8g of cannabis concentrate.

Q: Why do i still need to bring my recommendation if i’m already a registered patient?

-In the event that you are approached by law enforcement, you must be able to be verified by any person of authority at any time while being in possession of any medication. If you fail to provide this document, you are at risk of being fined, product confiscation, or fined. California Law and regulations state, “Individuals shall only be granted access to the area to acquire cannabis goods after the establishment has identified the individual as a medical cannabis patient.”

Q: What is the loyalty program? Is it worth it?

Our loyalty program was devised for our patients & customers so we can give back and Show Mad Love. Technology has officially taken over in place of our incentive card. If you sign up with us, you will receive points on every purchase which is converted to money at THT. Choose to redeem toward your entire purchase, or rack those babies up!

No hassle. No application. No fee.

The Store That Gives Back and SHOWS MAD LOVE.